For those who love sailing, nothing beats the feeling of being in the open waters, feeling the ocean breeze in your face, and tasting the salt in the air. Being surrounded by the sea is indeed a calming experience, which is why it isn’t any wonder that there are a growing number of people buying or building their own boats. If you want to do same, first you must find a registered Boatcode agent in New South Wales and have them affix a Boatcode or HIN to your vessel. Here’s why:

What is Boatcode?

Known as Boatcode, the Hull Identification Number (HIN) system offers a unique number system that makes it easier to identify boats and sea vessels. Securing a HIN number is a mandatory requirement imposed by NSW Roads & Maritime Service on:

  •         New vessels before initial registration
  •         Transfer of registration, where the vessel has not previously been affixed with a HIN
  •         Second-hand vessels being registered for the first time.

Why is Boatcode So Important?

So why should you get a HIN for your boat? Apart from the fact that it is compulsory and it is part of efforts to expand the Personal Property Securities Register to include vessels, this number system also ensures the safety and security of your boat. In addition, a boat with a unique number ID, such as those provided by the Boatcode, is less likely to be stolen and sold off to an unsuspecting buyer. And in the event that it does get lost or stolen, its owner can easily track and recover it.

So, if you have plans of getting your own boat, you should find a Boatcode Agency, like Sussex Marine, and have them affix a Boatcode to your vessel. Not only will this give you peace of mind knowing that your boat will be safe, but it also enables you to comply with the rules and regulations administered by the Roads and Maritime Service.