We all want to get out on the water as soon as possible right? Chuck the gear in and off you go for a fantastic weekend of fun, fishing and oops your life jacket isn’t working! And you only found out because when you fell into the drink it didn’t inflate and… well let’s not go there.

So… instead of waiting to see if your jacket will work or not just follow these few simple steps and do yourself and your family a great big favour.

Step 1…Jump onto your life jacket manufacturers website and download their “Self Inspection Form”.

Step 2…Follow the instructions and we mean really follow the instructions, no pretending because you need to know your jacket is top notch and ready to save your life!

Step 3…If your jacket is due for a technical service drop it off at your nearest ‘kiosk’ or call us and we’ll help you get it professionally serviced and certified.

Step 4…Get out there and have a great day on the water knowing that you’ve done what you can to protect yourself and your family.

Spring is a great time for a Little Inspection and gives you plenty of time before summer to make sure your life jackets will do what they’re supposed to do, because we all deserve to come home from a great day out on the water.