Operation Safer Water

This month RMS Maritime is conducting a special operation – Operation Safer Water: Alcohol & Water Don’t Mix – to raise awareness of blood alcohol limits and educate boat owners about the dangers of mixing alcohol with water based activities.

RMS Maritime has identified these key objectives

  1. Ensure vessel operators are aware of the recreational vessel blood alcohol limits.
  2. Ensure vessel operators have all the required safety equipment on board and that it is in good condition, easily accessible in the event of an emergency and everybody aboard knows its location.
  3. Advise vessel operators that random alcohol and drug testing applies to the skipper of any vessel whilst underway.
  4. Educate vessel operators on the increased risk of operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs including how natural elements such as the wind, waves and the sun combined multiply the effects of alcohol and/or drugs, increasing the chances of disorientation and drowning.
  5. Explain that “everyone aboard needs to take care because studies have shown that boat passengers are just as likely as operators to be involved in incidents such as capsizing the vessel or falling overboard as a result of drinking alcohol.”

The special operation will run from Saturday 2nd December through to Sunday 10th December and boat owners will notice a high RMS Maritime presence during this period.

Christmas Boating Safety

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, NOW is the time to start thinking about safety on the water. If you consider that almost all boating incidents are preventable, then there is no excuse for not ensuring you have all the required safety equipment and your watercraft is well maintained.

Our other tips include:

  • Check the weather and plan ahead
  • Log in and out with your local marine rescue
  • Revise the rules of the waterways
  • Ensure your boating skill are up to date

Don’t forget lifejackets also need regular servicing too! Find your local lifejacket servicing kiosk here.